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Doing a number on racism

Black residents of Ferguson, Missouri, the working-class city in northern St. Louis county where an unarmed black teenager was shot dead by police officers on Saturday, say the town has been a “powder keg” of racial imbalance for decades. “They treat us like second class all the way down the line,” one black resident told the LA Times. A black city alderman said the ensuing protests are “a boiling over of tensions that had been going on for a long while.”

R.I.P. Lauren Bacall


For whom the expression “smokin’ hot” was coined.

TMZ reports.

Lauren Bacall — one of the leading ladies of the Golden Age of Hollywood — is dead.  

A family member tells TMZ Bacall had a massive stroke Tuesday morning at her home.

The never-ending guns, gays, and God cycle of terror


Here we go…

This one might be a twofer:

A teenager from Frisco, Texas is accused of murdering both of his parents late Monday night.

According to, the 16-year-old was “very sheltered,” and was being homeschooled by parents who wished to shield him from the world.

The teenaged gunman was one of two school-age children left at home out of five. The deceased — Ryan Callans, 48, and Maria Elena Callans, 49 — had three other adult children.


Jonathon Marcum, a 15-year-old friend of the accused killer, told the Morning News, “He was very sheltered. If he broke the guidelines, he got punished.”

The boy was not allowed to drink sodas or watch rated-R films. He was only allowed access to PG-13 films once a screening agency had edited out any violent or adult-themed scenes. He was only allowed access to the Internet under closely supervised conditions.

“His parents were really uptight on him,” added another friend named William Castillo.

Another twofer.

Spawn of vagina clown car warns about the gayz

“This is about an agenda against people of Christian faith, to not allow us the room to speak or even believe what we know to be right,” Duggar said. “When you talk about the issue of life, marriage, or religious liberty, I submit to you that every issue is moral.”

“It’s even wrong to tax people at a massive percentage of what they earn,” he said. “It’s wrong to force businesses to buy a good or a service that they don’t want or need. We have a Christian and moral obligation to be involved in this process.”

He then introduced the Benham brothers, Jason and David, whose show with HGTV was cancelled after controversial comments about same-sex marriage and Nazi Germany came to light. Duggar characterized the reason for the show’s cancellation as “their Christian beliefs,” then admired their “courage” in the face of the cancellation.

Moar God:

California pastor punches wife’s face so hard in church parking lot that he breaks her glasses

A California pastor was arrested over the weekend after he was accused of assaulting his wife in the church parking lot.

According to Lost Coast Outpost, Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Steve Knight said officers responded to a report of a confrontation in the Hydesville Community Church parking lot at around 2 p.m. on Saturday.

Associate Pastor Jeff Beltz was accused of hitting his wife with an open hand so hard that he broke her glasses. He was taken into custody at around 4 p.m. on charges of inflicting corporal injury on a spouse.

Area woman very excited about this book she’s almost finished reading


A 23-year-old Wasilla mother of one — or possibly two children, if you are Andrew Sullivan— is very pleased to announce that she has almost finished reading a book you probably read back in middle school.

Bristol Palin, an unemployed reality TV novelty act, announced the launch of her “Reading, it’s fundementalal… or however you spell it, whatever it means, LOL!,” campaign back in early July, giving her followers plenty of time to complete The Giver — a children’s book aimed at overly bright 10-year-olds — before its Aug 15 movie premiere.

To date, six book club posts have generated 5 comments from avid book club members, for an average on almost one comment per post.

Palin is very excited to see the film, allowing her to find out how it ends since she quit midway through as is the custom of her family.

Palin has not announced her next book club selection, although there are reports she is considering the June 1, 2009 edition of People magazine.


Scenes from the feminist oppression

Nothing  encapsulates  the mindset of men’s rights movement (MRA’s) quite like the following reweet from Voice For Men founder Paul Elam and the first commenter who replied:

And they wonder why their wives divorced them…

If you want to find all the cops. They’re hanging out in the donut shop.

An Elizabeth City man celebrated out-eating some police officers, only to find out that he couldn’t outrun them. The Camden County Sheriff’s Office had been looking for 24-year-old Bradley Herbert Hardison in connection with two break-ins.

Sheriff Tony Perry said while nothing was taken, the front doors were damaged.Hardison was arrested on Wednesday, one day after he won the adult division of a doughnut-eating contest at the Elizabeth City Police Department’s National Night Out Against Crime.

Hardison ate eight doughnuts in 2 minutes, beating a group that included local police officers and firefighters.

In addition to the Camden County charges, Hardison is charged in Pasquotank County with felony larceny and breaking and entering.

He’s jailed under a $2,000 bond and it’s not known if he has an attorney.

But, you know …. free donuts. I mean, c’mon, they were FREE.

Friday’s guns, gays, and God report


Another day, another batch of lunacy….

Black man picks up air rifle in Walmart, police arrive:

Police fatally shot a man carrying an air rifle at an Ohio Walmart earlier this week.

Another customer called 911 to report 22-year-old John Crawford waving what appeared to be an AR-15 at children and others at the Beavercreek retailer.

The mother of Crawford’s children said she was speaking to him by cell phone when he was confronted by police in the store.

“He said he was at the video games playing videos, and he went over there by the toy section where the toy guns were,” said LeeCee Johnson. “The next thing I know, he said, ‘It’s not real,’ and the police start shooting, and they said ‘Get on the ground,’ but he was already on the ground because they had shot him.”

Florida church balks at gay funeral:

Julie Atwood said the pastor of Tampa’s New Hope Missionary Baptist Church abruptly called off the service after reading her son’s obituary and discovering he was survived by a husband.

“Based on our preaching of the scripture, we would have been in error to allow the service in our church,” said Pastor T.W. Jenkins. “I’m not trying to condemn anyone’s lifestyle, but at the same time, I am a man of God, and I have to stand up for my principles.”

And, Rick Santorum was right about gay marriage making men go to the dogs:

According to Boone County sheriff’s Detective Tracy Perkins, her office  received a tip that someone was seeking sex with a dog or other type of animal — which she did not specify — on Craigslist. An undercover officer exchanged emails with Hill offering a dog for sex. Subsequently, Hill was taken into custody in Columbia, MO., when he arrived anticipating a sexual tryst.


How Hollywood works:

That Martin Luther King Jr. biopic starring Johnny Depp  and Helena Bonham Carter seems promising though…

Today in guns, gays, and God

The usual fun stuff…

Kid killed by gun? Donate to the NRA:

A Missouri family whose son was killed by a gun that was supposed to be unloaded is asking for “memorial” donations to be sent to the National Rifle Association (NRA) or other gun-rights groups in his memory.

In an interview with Festus police, Halinski said that Campbell had a makeshift shooting range in his basement, and had been teaching her how to use guns on June 24. She said that he told her that one of the guns was unloaded, and said, “Shoot me.” But the gun was loaded, and a bullet struck Campbell in the forehead when she pulled the trigger.

It is your Christian duty to stalk gays and call them “faggots” and wish death upon them:

… on Tuesday evening, Isaiah Tweedie and his friends were leaving a restaurant when fellow patron Victor Sadet followed them outside and launched a fusillade of taunts and verbal abuse at the group and at Tweedie in particular.

Tweedie took out his camera phone and began to film.

Say it, again,” he said to Sadet.

“I said, ‘fucking faggot.’ You want a picture? Take a picture,” said Sadet, advancing on the group.

The New Civil Rights Movement blog transcribed Sadet’s remarks, in which he said that Tweedie should be murdered for his orientation as per the Christian Bible.

“You’re a fucking faggot,” Sadet said. “God’s law — Leviticus, Leviticus — you should be put to death!”

Also, God sent Ebola to cleanse the world’s sins:

“This Ebola epidemic could become a global pandemic and that’s another name for plague,” said broadcaster Rick Wiles on his “Trunews” program.

“It may be the great attitude adjustment that I believe is coming,” Wiles continued. “Ebola could solve America’s problems with atheism, homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, pornography, and abortion.”

They all seem like nice people…

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