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Fox & Friends needs spellchuk

Once again, the spell check at Fox News was having some problems on Wednesday morning.

While Fox & Friends First host Ainsley Earhardt was reporting on a ride that malfunctioned at the Colorado State Fair, the graphics department had a glitch of their own.

Instead of “malfunction,” the chyron displayed under the Fox News host read, “Park Ride Malufuction.”


Earlier this year, the same morning show misspelled “Spelling Bee” as “Spelling Be.”

CT woman takes early lead for Mother of the Year


A Greenwich mom, who police say hosted a party for high school students who were encouraged to drink alcohol and have sex, said Wednesday that allowing her 15-year-old daughter to throw the bash was a bad idea.

"The whole thing got out of hand," Eliane Mullen, 39, said in a telephone interview. "My daughter invited two friends over for a sleepover, and all of a sudden kids just kept coming in, boys and girls that were not supposed to be there."

But police tell another story and have charged Mullen, of Cos Cob Avenue, with 10 counts of risk of injury to a minor. She was released on a promise to appear in court.

Mullen bought a bottle of Smirnoff vodka, a bottle of Fireball Cinnamon Whisky and a six pack of Heineken beer for the party, police said. At one point during the party, Mullen supplied a condom to two of the teens so they could have sex, police said.

She denies buying the alcohol for her 15-year-old daughter and friends, but here’s the best part:

Mullen adamantly denied supplying a condom to the teens. “I have a condom in my nightstand and sometimes my daughter comes in and plays with it,” Mullen said. “She must have come into my bedroom and taken it from my nightstand.”

"So, how’d you get caught?", "Shut up, I don’t want to talk about it"


A 40-year-old woman tackled a 20-year-old man fleeing from police in Washington state, then taunted him about being taken down by a grandmother.

Richland police Capt. Mike Cobb tells the Tri-City Herald ( ) that Becky Powell was driving by Wednesday when she saw the man run from officers. She told her husband to speed ahead of the fleeing man, and got out to confront him.

Powell says the man tried to stiff-arm her, but she felled him, pulling down his shorts in the process.

She says she got help pinning the man down and asked him how it felt to be taken down by a mother of five and a grandmother of three.

RIP Richard Attenborough

British actor and film director Richard Attenborough has died at the age of 90.

He died at lunchtime on Sunday, his son told BBC News.

Lord Attenborough was one of Britain’s leading actors, before becoming a highly successful director.

In a career that spanned six decades, he appeared in films including Brighton Rock, World War Two prisoner of war thriller The Great Escape and later in dinosaur blockbuster Jurassic Park.

Justice is blind, but not that blind

The lawyer for a Massachusetts man who has a “666″ tattoo and horns implanted on his forehead believes that his appearance will make it impossible for him to find an impartial jury or receive a fair trial, The Republican reports.

James G. Reardon, Jr. is worried that the appearance of his client, Caius Veiovis, will distract jurors from the facts of the case, and petitioned Hampden Superior Court Judge C. Jeffrey Kinder to allow him to show potential jurors a photograph of Veiovis before jury selection.

Veiovis is accused of assisting David Chalue and Adam Lee Hall in the kidnapping, torturing, murdering, and dismembering of David Glasser, Edward Frampton, and Robert Chadwell in August of 2011.

Breaking: Someone made stuff up and posted it on the Internet

That's bullshit photo 2a8kuoz.gif

So, it turns out,  overly strict jaywalking enforcer Darren Wilson isn’t suffering from massive head trauma like all the conservative kids are saying:

An unnamed source has “unequivocally” knocked down the anonymous report that Officer Darren Wilson suffered broken bones near his eye socket before shooting unarmed teenager Michael Brown.


Conservative blogger Jim Hoft – known in some quarters as “the dumbest man on the Internet” – reported Tuesday that the officer suffered an “orbital blowout fracture to the eye socket.”

The blogger, who calls himself “The Gateway Pundit,” based his report on two unnamed sources, including one “within the Prosecuting Attorney’s office and confirmed by the St. Louis County Police.”

Hoft’s claims have been widely reported, despite his dubious reputation.

MN GOP really doesn’t want to be seen with Drunky McDrunkjudge

The Minnesota GOP is okay with putting Michelle MacDonald on the state Supreme Court despite her alcohol problems and continual brushes with the law, but they would rather go coyote ugly and chew off their own arm rather than be seen with her in public:

A Minnesota Republican running for the state’s Supreme Court confronted members of her own party on Thursday after being barred from appearing at the party’s booth at the state fair, Minneapolis City Pages reported.

Despite being told by party leadership not to appear at the booth, Michelle MacDonald went to the booth Thursday morning, only to be rebuffed by security.

“I’m an endorsed candidate,” the Minneapolis Star Tribune quoted her as saying. “I was supported by the people at the Republican convention. The people want this.”

She then left in search of deep-fried vodka on a stick because it was a county fair after all…

Alaska joins the rest of the US in totally hating on Sarah Palin now

Palin goes 0 for 2 in Alaska

Sarah Palin has lost the magic. The defeat of her choice Tuesday in a Republican Senate primary in her home state of Alaska capped a primary season in which her favored candidates have stumbled across the nation.

A referendum to restore Palin’s signature achievement from her time as Alaska governor, a state tax on oil companies, was also headed toward defeat following Tuesday’s voting, dealing a double whammy loss to Palin in her home state and highlighting her declining influence.

Only four of the 15 congressional candidates endorsed by Palin nationwide this year have won their primaries, a far worse record than the previous two elections, when Palin played a role as kingmaker and her approval was eagerly sought by candidates looking for an edge with Republican voters.

There is still good news for Palin: idiots will still keep giving her money so, you know, whatevs…

Taking his act on the road

You be happy to know that the cop in the video below threatening to “fucking kill” protestors is leaving Ferguson:

Less happy news is he’s just being reassigned elsewhere where he can threaten to “fucking kill” other people.

The American Civil Liberties Union says the police officer will no longer be in Ferguson. “Quick work by ACLU: Highway patrol called. They identified the cop. He will no longer be in Ferguson,” the ACLU’s Vanita Gupta tweeted.

He’s just Darren Wilson without the casual disregard for life.’

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